Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Math Facts

In second grade I think it is so important for students to have their addition and subtraction facts memorized.  My students start working on them early in the year.  It is also included in our daily math rotations.  You can learn about Math Workshop in my room by visiting here!

I have one of my cabinet doors dedicated to showing off my students that achieve their math times tests!  When they pass a timed test, they earn an item to their banana split.  My kids LOVE this! They get so excited when they get to add a topping to their bowl.  

I found all of these pieces from a math fact fluency pack I bought on TpT from Jen Ross. You can purchase it here!  I used this when I taught kindergarten, but now that I am in second grade the tests needed to be more age appropriate, so I have created my own timed tests.  You can find them in my store by clicking on the picture below!  They have been very useful in my room.

Now, let's talk about storage.  I store all of my timed tests in folders and place them in a container.  My kids are then responsible for pulling out a test they are working on.  

It is clearly a little messy, but as long as my kids can find what they're working on I don't go too crazy over it!  Each folder is labeled.  I have also placed the pieces of the banana split in each folder so when they pass a test I just pull it out stick it on the door with some tape!  

My kids sit and time each other.  They write the time they finish at the top of the paper.  I allow them up to 2 minutes to take a test.  My kids are so motivated!  Some even take them during recess.  I also have some students take extra tests home to practice with.  

As you can see, one is watching the time and playing a math game at the same time! Wow! What a multi-tasker! :) 

My kids practice on Xtramath and on our tablets.  I also found a website where the kids can take a timed test.  This is good for them to practice on.  I have one that can actually pass them on the computer, but many of my kids are not capable of using the computer.  They are too slow at finding the keys for the answers.  However, it is a good way to practice! 

How do you time your kids in class?  Do you use any fun games to help them learn? Leave a comment below! :) 

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