Tuesday, February 17, 2015

100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School is one of my most favorite days of the year!  The kids have so much fun, and I must say I have a blast dressing up like I'm 100 years old!  

When the students first arrive to school, I have them create a 100th day hat to show everyone that they are 100 days smarter! 

I also bought fun 100 glasses from Really Good Stuff.  So, I of course had to take a fun picture of my class! 

After they made their hats, the students work on math centers.  I made 4 different math centers and the students rotated every 15 minutes.  

The first center consists of students doing activities in 100 seconds.  They used a timer on the Smartboard (we had to figure out as a class how many minutes and seconds 100 seconds is) and one person counted what the other person did.  Some of the activities included sitting down and standing up, clapping, jumping jacks, counting, writing numbers, reading so many pages in a book, etc.  The kids really liked this one.  They also got a great workout! 

The second center had students race to 100.  They used 3 dice (you could adjust based on the students) and 2 crayons.  They would color the number of spaces they rolled, and when they rolled again they would color that number of spaces worth a different color.  Therefore, they could see their progression and make a pattern.  When they were done, there was a two-digit addition worksheet to complete. 

Students practiced money at the third center.  They had to count coins to determine whether they equaled $1 or not $1.  There were also two worksheets. One where they had to match coins together to make $1 or the other asked them to write as many ways to make $1 in the boxes.  This definitely helped my kids become more comfortable with adding money. 

The last center had students subtract numbers to equal 100. This was great practice because they had to also review place value. Students recorded their answers on the worksheet. 

After math, we switched gears to reading.  I read 2 different 100th day books.  The first book I read was 100th Day Worries.  After I read it, the students used the 100th day foldable to write a summary of the book.  Since we have practiced having our summaries in 3 paragraphs, this was a perfect way to help them keep their writing organized.  

After they finished their summaries, we read another 100th day book.  Then, we compared and contrasted the two books. I made cards with pieces of information from the books so that we could place them in the pocket chart under the appropriate book or under both.  Then, students recorded their responses on a Venn Diagram.  I had them take turns grabbing a card, reading it, and deciding which column it would go under. 

Students were also given pictures that made them look like 100 years old!  Oh my word, they couldn't stop laughing.  They thought it was so funny.  I had them wrote about what they would do if they were 100 years old.  The things they come up with always make me laugh! 

I had a few other things planned for us to do, but we of course ran out of time!  If you are interested in any of these activities they are all found in my 100th day pack on TpT.  It includes all the activities I didn't have time to do also.  You can find it by clicking on the picture below.  Happy 100th Day! 

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