Monday, February 9, 2015

Snowman Summaries

Brrrr!!! Today is a very cold winter day!  When it is cold outside, I just embrace it and include activities in my room that go with the winter fun outside!  So, we decided to make snowmen.  My kids LOVED this!

I had an idea to use these snowmen to help me teach summarizing!  This is a skill we have been practicing and my kids have a hard time remembering what to include.  I also like my kids to write three paragraphs when writing a summary.  The snowman was a perfect way to teach this! 

The first paragraph should include the name of the book, the main idea, characters, and setting.  I also do not want my kids just listing these items, I want them to explain them fluently within their writing.  This gives you the head of the snowman!

The second paragraph should include details from the story that support the main idea. This is also when I encourage my kids to use transition words and basically retell the story using big ideas, not small details.  The middle also includes the problem in the story. 

The third paragraph includes the solution to the problem and the moral of the story.  This paragraph wraps up the whole summary of the book.  

Check out one of the summaries below.  We had to add extra pages on some of them.  

You can find these templates and lesson plans in my Reading Fiction Book Club unit! Click on the picture below to check it out. :) 

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