Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wheels on the Bus

So, I have started following Kindergarten Smorgasbord on Facebook. He does Foodie Friday and so I've tried to do that with my kids. Since I'm not very good at this blogging, I often forget to take photos. However, here was our first one for The Wheels on the Bus! 


For November I spend majority of the month teaching about the story of Thanksgiving.  My students do not know about pilgrims or native Americans. It makes it fun to teach them about it!  

The kindergarten team I work with us awesome! We made our hallway bulletin boards tell the story of thanksgiving. I am located at the end of the hallway, so myself and my neighbor teacher made or bulletin boards the feast!  My students enjoyed making our feast items!

For our family project in November, the students had to disguise their turkey. This was such a creative project!

Foodie Friday turkey treat!!

Thanksgiving feast!!  We have a huge thanksgiving feast with our kindergarten kids! We serve turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, rolls, and dessert to about 130 kids! They all dress up too! My class were Native Americans!

VCSC HERO Diversity Dash

I am completing my principal internship this year. For one of my projects, I have to spread anti-bullying awareness and promote our HERO program ( helping everyone respect others).  So, the group I'm working with put together a color run for the school corporation. We had over 1000 people there! It was amazing! Check out some photos!

Apples, Pumpkins, and Fall

I love fall!! It's my favorite season! I also love teaching about plants, apples, and pumpkins! We learned the life cycle of plants. We even ate a snack to help us remember the parts of a plant!

Check out our apple display in the hallway!

We continued learning about pumpkins in October, but then we started learning about bats and spiders too! We made bat and spider fact books, we compared and contrasted different bats and spiders. We also made word webs and used adjectives to describe bats and spiders!

I have the students complete family projects each month! They have so much fun doing it!

I have started foodie Friday treats! This was a spider treat! 

We had a fall party and one of my parents put together the whole thing! It was amazing!  I have never let parents run the whole event before because I always felt guilty, but I will always do it that way for now on! It was great! We played bingo, had amazing treats, and special snacks!

Brazilian visit

My mom teaches ESL to students from Brazil. They came to my school and did center activities with my kids. My students absolutely loved it! They learned soccer, played a color game, learned about Brazilian animals, and made a traditional mask.  It was a great experience for my students!

Color days

We learned about our colors at the first of the year. Most of my students knew their colors, but they did not know how to spell the color words. So, we dedicated each day to a specific color and we went in the order of the rainbow. We wore that color to school and we would make hats or bracelets. I purchased a color pack from the Moffatti girls! Thanks for the awesome unit!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

We start the year by reviewing all the letters of the alphabet.  I use one of my favorite books, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! The kids love it too!  We make a fingerprint tree and our own trees with their names on them. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mother Goose

This is my second year to have Mother Goose come and visit. It just gets even better! My kids absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to meet her. We only spent about 2 weeks learning nursery rhymes-there is just not time to take more time that that even though we could easily spend a month! However, the students learned about 14 nursery rhymes. I was able to use an item on TPT also. 
P.S. my mom was the famous Mother Goose! 

The students completed a Little Miss Muffet snack:) 

Each student also got an individual picture with Mother Goose and I printed them and sent them home.