Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fraction Fun!

We had a morning where we were waiting for visitors to come into our rooms to discuss our leadership program with our students.  So, things were running behind and I needed to come up with a quick impromptu lesson.  Eek!

We had been working on fractions.  I thought, wouldn't it be fun to make a picture using pattern blocks and write fractions for each pattern block? Woo hoo!  I thought to myself that I think it will work.

So, I grabbed my tub of pattern blocks and we gathered on the rug together.  I love when we can all sit together in a circle - it just makes things more inviting and more comfortable for everyone!

I also like when we can get messy!  I feel like we're not learning unless there is a little mess. :]

The students made their own creative pictures using the pattern blocks.  I enjoyed seeing them be creative and all the things they came up with.  I encouraged them to make a plan first by using the templates to make a picture, then go back and trace them. 

Once they completed, we talked about fractions and what they mean.  You can see the poster we made below.

We used my picture to practice with.  I explained that the whole picture would be the whole number - that would then be the denominator.  Then, we looked at each pattern block and wrote the fraction of the pattern block that was used in the whole picture.  For example, if there were 23 pattern blocks in the picture, but 4 of them were an octagon.  Then, the octagon fraction would be 4/24.  My higher kids were encouraged to write simplified fractions - but that was only a few! :]

Here is our hallway display!  A quick last minute activity turned into a great display for the hallway.  

I hope this gives you an idea of something quick to do in your classroom! :]  Happy Wednesday!