Friday, February 6, 2015

4, 3, 2, 1!

I saw this on Pinterest somewhere and I have adapted it for my classroom.  It is one of those cute ways to help the teacher know what the kids know within a few minutes! 

I posted mine on the side of my cabinet and I am able to use magnets to hold the file folders up! As you can see, this was super easy to make and I did it very fast.  

You could use this as a tool when checking any learning target.  Typically every lesson I teach has some sort of worksheet or activity where I can check for understanding.  If it is a worksheet, I have my students place them in these file folders. 

This is a sample of a learning target check.  This is from the Everyday Math series. 

I tell them to place their papers accordingly:
4 - I can teach this concept to someone else because I know it so well!
3 - I feel confident that I know this and can complete this assignment by myself. 
2 - I am not confident with completing this assignment but slightly understand it. 
1 - I have no idea what I am doing and need help! 

I love this method! It is very telling and it helps me see how I can help my students.   Sometimes my students place the paper in 4 and get it completely wrong.  This tells me we have a big problem and I need to help my kids understand. I often reteach the lesson or pull a small group if this happens.  If a student places a paper in 1 and gets it correct, this tells me I need to help their confidence level.  

This is a very effective tool and I love using it!  It is quick and easy.  You should try it in your room!  You could even have your kids just write a 4, 3, 2, or 1 at the top of their paper to show you their level of understanding! 

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