Sunday, March 30, 2014

Indiana Teacher Blogger Sale

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Farm Fun

We have so much fun in kindergarten!! This week, we learned all about farm animals!  We started out by reading Mrs. Wishy Washy and practiced retelling the story.  Then, we reviewed the animals in the story.  

The first animal we learned about was a duck!  

We wrote about what ducks do and what we do.  Then, we practiced following directions while making the duck.

Next, we completed the mud experiment and discussed why pigs like to roll in mud.  We learned that it is because it cools them off!  The students came up with some very creative responses.

All the students felt the mud and were able to write descriptive words about mud!  They did not like how it felt.

Students made a dirt cup to complete the fun mud experiment activity!  This is also a great way for them to practice following directions and writing steps to completing a task.  

We made cows and wrote about what we like!

Last, we made pigs! 

Our Foodie Friday treat was a pig snack!  

Our hallway farm display!  We have learned so much this week.  Please check out the Mrs. Wishy Washy unit on TPT!

March Bulletin Board

For March we practiced how many more it takes to make 10.  So, students used a pot of gold and showed how many gold coins they started with and figured out how many more they would need to make 10!  They did an awesome job.  We used ten frames to help us figure it out.

Dr. Seuss Week

We started the week off with a bang!  Cat in the hat was one of our favorite stories! We made cat in the hat crafts to practice making AB patterns and fine motor skills.  They ripped up red paper to make the red pattern.  Then, students used Dr. Seuss books to find rhyming words.  They could be real or make believe! 

For our writing this week, we compared and contrasted the Cat in the Hat and the cat in the hat snack we made.  The snack sure was yummy!!

We wrote adjectives about the snack!

Then we wrote adjectives about the cat in the hat! 

Then we used the adjectives to write descriptive words about each topic.  Then, we wrote how they were the same and different.

Also, during Read Across America Week we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!  We played a fishing game where the students had to catch a fish and write the number on the paper as well as the 3 numbers that come after it. 

I made the fishing rods by getting sticks at Wal Mart, string, magnet pieces (sticky kind), clothes pins, and a hot glue gun.  I tied the string to the clothes pin and the stick and used the hot glue gun to secure it. I then attached a magnet piece to the clothes pin and to the back of the fish so that they could be "caught."  

Green eggs and ham day!! We read the fun book and then made a prediction of whether we would like it or not.  

 All of the kids liked the treat except two! They ate it like crazy and wanted seconds and thirds!  What fun we had!  

Friday was Dress like your Favorite Dr. Seuss Character Day! 

The reading group that I teach practiced all week for a Reader's Theater performance.  One group did the Red Fish, Blue Fish play and another group did The Cat in the Hat.  They were wonderful! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lesson Planning!

This week is full of fun!  We will be celebrating Read Across America by completing several Dr. Seuss activities!  We are also going to practice in math using calculators, mapping, and dividing groups in half. 

For my reading group we are going to practice reading fluently! We will read a Reader's Theater using Dr. Seuss stories.  I am so excited about this! We hope to perform our play on Friday!  Maybe I wi be able to take some footage! In reading we will also review special sounds, blends, and writing words in alphabetical order. 

In writing we plan to compare and contrast the cat in the hat and a cat in the hat snack!  We will write adjectives about both and then compare and contrast them!  We will also complete the reading journals.

Stay tuned for the rest of our fun Dr. Seuss activities!! Have a great week! :) 

Reading Centers

For reading this past week we focused on Cvc words, vowels, long a-long o-long e words, sentence scramble, journal writing, read/comprehension, and substituting sounds.

For reading centers, I work with a small group each day.  The groups are homogeneous so that the students reading are working on the same level.  The corporation I work for has adopted the Reading Wonders Series, so I use the  leveled readers with my students.  

The other students work on centers during this time.  They go to one color and there are two centers for each color. Once they finish one center, they may move on to the next center. 

Dental health

Dental health fun in kindergarten!! We started our week with lots of fun activities.

Monday: Students were able to see how to brush their teeth using a large toothbrush-large teeth-and a large tooth. The kids loved it!  They even practiced brushing the teeth!  We also reviewed healthy food and non-healthy food; as well as a poem. 

Tuesday:  We started our tooth book, but we were only able to do part of it because my class won chips and cheese for good behavior!  It was sure yummy!

Wednesday:  We finished our tooth book.  It was given to me by my co-worker, Sierra Lang-so a shout out to her!  The tooth book shows what food is good for our teeth, a toothbrush, floss, and other dental facts. 

Thursday: We made the tooth fairy to go along with our writing prompt for the week! We wrote about what the tooth fairy would do with all the teeth!  It was funny to see what they came up with.

Friday:  We finished our dental health week by sorting pictures on teeth.  There was tooth trouble and tooth treat.  They put healthy food on one and unhealthy food on another. Then, we made our Foodie Friday treat- the teeth smile!

Each student also received a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and dental health tips!  We had a great week!