Thursday, September 11, 2014

Math Workshop

Now that we have things started for the school year, we have dived into Math Workshop! It has been exciting and fun getting these started in our room.  I personally love it because I can teach the math lesson to a small group and I know for sure that each child is listening and learning the lesson.  I can easily redirect them or differentiate right on the spot for students that are struggling or excelling.  I love that!

Here is how it works:

M stands for Math Facts.  Students will practice math facts with their math partner.  They will use the tablets to practice or use flashcards.  I also set students up on where they can take math timed tests.  I love this because I don't have to take class time to distribute the test or spend time grading! 

A stands for At your seat. This is when students complete math boxes (I use the Everyday Math program).  Math boxes are a review of what we have learned and practice for what we are about to learn.  I
check these and if students do not get them correct, then they must fix them the next day during this center time.  If they finish their math boxes, then they number scroll.  I use Pringles cans to tape their number scrolls to.  One of our second grade math standards is to know numbers 0-1000.  This is a great way to let students get comfortable with the numbers.

T stands for Teacher choice.  During this time I teach the math lesson to a small group.  If we are on a review lesson, then I might have an activity set up for students to complete while I roam the room.  This center is all up to me! 

We practiced patterns on our number grid during this lesson!

H stands for Hands on activities.  This is when students play the math games.  This might be their favorite center.  I love it because students get to really practice the skills in a fun way! 

Here they are playing a money exchange game.  They love it! 

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