Saturday, February 21, 2015

Teachers are Heroes - What's in your cart?

The HUGE TpT sale is going on!  I am SO excited about this.  I have so many items in my cart I am dying to purchase.  I'm sure you all feel the same way.

Here are some items that I am hoping to purchase during the sale.  You should check them out. :]

This one would be great to use in my classroom!  I have been trying to teach prefix and suffix using my morning task cards, but I love how this packet includes quizzes!

This packet would be perfect for my students!  I am always looking for science units!

This product looks so fun!

I have the fall and winter fluency packs.  I love them!

I have a Christmas Around the World unit in December, and this would be a great addition to my plans! 

My friend from KookyKinders has so many great products.  This is one I can't wait to purchase and use as extra addition practice for my kiddos!

I LOVE all of Stuckey in Second's products!  I can't wait to purchase this goodie! 

I REALLY want this awesome writing pack.  I think this would be great to send home as homework or place in my writing center.  Plus, my friend Mrs. Dailey has so many awesome products!

I have been looking for a multiplication packet to use in my classroom!  This looks perfect!

This looks so cute!  We are learning about weather right now!  I can't wait to snag this product. 

Check out what other people are going to buy during the big sale!


  1. How did I not know about Amna's adorable weather unit! I HAVE to go check it out!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  2. Thank you for the kind words about my Holidays Around the World close reads! :) My students loved it!

  3. Love these products in your cart! Thanks for sharing!