Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moms and Muffins

We LOVE our moms!! We prepared all week for our moms to visit our classroom. I was even lucky enough to have my mom come!  Each child made a book for their mom. We also made placemats with their handprints on them. 

Our lovely art teacher donated baby food jars so that we could make candles for our moms. We used tissue paper and glue-water to paste the tissue paper on the jars. This gave it a stained glass look. The kids did a great job putting them together and I bought small candles to put in them. They turned out great! 

The students also made a ceramic piece for their moms in art class. They are so fancy! 

We decorated our class and served our moms muffins and water (with flavors to add if they wanted). The students were so great to their moms and they served them everything! We also, sang a song and read them a poem. Their favorite part was yelling I love you at the end! 

We ended our program with a video. Each child said why they loved their mom and told them they loved them. I was expecting some tears because I was crying when I was putting it together, but there weren't any! I hope they have a lovely Mother's Day because the kids sure think their moms are great! 


Our school does this fabulous event called Tiger-a-thon! Our school sets a goal for us to walk/run to a certain destination. This year our goal was Mount Rushmore. We made it!! Each class had 30 minutes to walk or run on our track and Union hospital donated shirts and bags to each child and adult. It is a great way to encourage healthy habits and to promote a healthy lifestyle. My students loved it and each child completed at least 1 mile. Some children even completed 2 miles! Wow!! A big shout out to Saran Gadberry for putting this awesome event together! 

Donor's Choose

We got our classroom project funded!! Thank you to Donor's Choose we were able to receive a classroom library! My kids were so excited! We can now find all of our books and each child can read a book that is at their level. Here are some pictures of my kiddos in our library nook! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goin' Buggy!

We have been doing an Eric Carle study and learning about his different styles and what his books have in common! We really focused on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Oh boy, we love that book! We started with reading the book and then retelling it.

We retsina the story and made our own caterpillar using transition words to retelling the story. This was great practice! 

On Tuesday, we reviewed the Very Hungry Caterpillar and discussed the life cycle of a butterfly. This is one of our kindergarten standards, so we had fun while learning!  Check out how we made the life cycle!

Wednesday, we started making our caterpillar book. I got this idea from Check out this sight it has some really neat things! I changed a few things to make it easier on my kids, but I think it still turned out cute. This took us 2 days to complete. 
I hope you enjoyed our bug week!! I will have to post pictures of our caterpillars. I ordered some from They mail live caterpillars to you and you can watch the life cycle of a butterfly. It is really neat! My kids love it! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jungle Mania

We just completed a jungle unit! We learned about lions, monkeys, sloths, jaguars, frogs, and alligators. We completed journal pages, crafts, and a writing unit. At the end of our unit, we made an alligator snack. The kids loved it! We wrote the steps to how to make the snack and then we made it before we enjoyed our delicious treat! Check out our hallway decorations! All of our classes got together to make an amazing jungle!

Field Trip

We took a field trip to the Feline Rescue Center. It was so neat! We were able to see wild cats at such a great view! We then learned about jungle animals at school. The students loved this and thought the animals were so cool! Unfortunately, some of our kids did get "sprayed" by one of the cats! Hahaha They did laugh!

About Me

My name is Kelsey Brosey ,and I am 25 years old.  I am married to my wonderful husband.  We are celebrating our 3 years on August 6th!  He is very supportive and is always there for me.  I am very close to my family.  I recently moved to Chicago with my husband.   We are from a small town in Indiana, and this city life is completely different! I just finished my Masters in Administration, and moved from a Kindergarten teaching job to a Second Grade teaching job.  I am very excited about the new school year!  I do not have any children.  We have an adorable cat named Tiki!  I live a very simple life and devote much of my time to my classroom.  My class of students are my kids and I love to spoil them when I can.

A few things about me:
1. I love to dance.  I look for dance fitness classes to give me my dance fix!
2. I love to travel. I am saving for a trip to Europe!
3. I love to read, especially mystery novels.
4. My favorite food is strawberries.  When they are in season I eat nearly one box a day!
5. I love to play games - trivia, board games, card games - you name it and I'm there!

My husband and I at New Years!

           My sister and I in Vegas!         My lovely parents at Easter!

My best friend who I experienced all my education classes with in college and continue to grow as teachers together. :]

My best teacher friend who got me into blogging!  She is the best and is always there for me!


Welcome to my classroom!  This is my first time ever blogging and I am really excited about it.  It might take me awhile to get used to it, but this is a start.

Please be sure to find some of my items on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Also, please feel free to leave comments or keep me updated on what's going on in your classroom!

This is the end of my second year of teaching.  I have taught both years in kindergarten and I love it.  I can't see myself in any other grade.  I love the kids and the fun things we do!  Hope you have had a great year.  Thanks for stopping by!