Monday, February 24, 2014

Sneaky E book

At my school we level our reading groups.  So, we have six different groups because we have six kindergarten classes.  There are two low groups, two middle groups, one middle-high, and one high group.  I am teaching the high group this year.  It is a lot of fun, but it is also a challenge.  I have 30 kids in my group with no help.  So, you can imagine how crazy it is sometimes.  My students understand the sneaky e concept (when the silent e makes the vowel say it's name), but they are not reading them as fluently as I would like.  Therefore, I decided to have them make a sneaky e book. I will post the book and templates this week.  Check out the pages we made!  We have been working on writing with adjectives and details.  I was proud of their writing!

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

President's Day

Since we were out of school for President's Day- I decided to use our integrated studies time to teach about the Presidents.  We made a President's Day book from teacherspayteachers site.

Then, on Friday we talked about the American flag and what the Pledge of Allegiance means. So, we made a Foodie  Friday treat - American flag!

We also completed a writing unit on "What I would do if I was the President."

Monday- students made a list of past Presidents and what they were known for

Tuesday- students began their four square writing on what they would do if they were the president.

*We wrote the introduction and conclusion together because they struggle with this concept.  

Wednesday-continue four square

Thursday- start final draft

Friday- finish final copy

Check out some of the final papers. I was so proud of them!!

Middle student:
High student:
Low student:

Bulletin Board

The hallway theme this month was Love is in the Air!  The students practiced writing letters to someone they love and stated why they loved them.  This was great practice!

Family Projects

Each month my students complete a family project! For February the students were given a heart to decorate. It's fun to see what they come up with!

Valentine's Day

I sure am spoiled at my school!! I have awesome parents and students in my class.  I was given so many goodies and I am so grateful!  They sure know how to make me feel special:)

We made Valentine bags for our goodies.  I have a pet named Tiki (she's a cat) so we made Valentine kitty cats for our bags! They turned out so good. It is so much fun to see their progress of making things throughout the year.  It definitely helps them with their fine motor skills which then helps them be better writers! 

100th Day

Happy 100th Day of School!!!

We had so much fun celebrating! I have an amazing kindergarten team and we did fun rotations for the morning part of our day.  Here is a list of activities each class did:
Counting to 100 by 10's using trains
Counting to 100 by playing hopscotch and other various movements
Counting to 100 by coloring the number grid
Counting to 100 by making a sticker hat
Counting to 100 by using a snack mat

Students had a blast!  In my room we practiced counting to 100 by making gumballs in a Gumball machine.  Students then were able to chew gum while they did it!

For the afternoon- my class made a fruit loop necklace with 100 fruit loops on it.  Then, we made a cupcake with 100 sprinkles and ate a cupcake snack!  We sure have lots of fun in kindergarten and lots of food- my favorite! 

A few more fun pictures from our exciting day!  Students even wrote what they would do if they were 100 and I used the photo booth aging app thanks to Maja Austin from Kooky Kinders-check her put here!

Snow Math

I enjoy looking at Cara Carroll's blog and I found this fun Snow Math activities.  So, we practiced how many more you need to make 10. We also practiced greater than and less than.  Students had a lot of fun with this activity! 

Snowman Writing

I may be sick of snow, but it is a fun topic to write about - especially with the little ones!  So, we did a snowman writing unit. At the end of the year, our students are given an SLO test to see if they have mastered the kindergarten common core standards. There is a section on the Test that asks about Frosty the Snowman.  Therefore, I decided to teach a writing unit to incorporate Frosty.

Monday:  Students started by learning about Frosty.  They listened to the story and wrote describing words about Frosty!  They also labeled a snowman.  It is really good practice for students to label.

Tuesday:  Students reviewed Frosty and made a snowman treat!  Students were able to make the snack and eat it.  This is a great way for students to practice adjectives when they get to eat the snack (use all 5 senses!).  

Wednesday:  We as a class compared and contrasted Frosty the Snowman and the Edible Snowman. We used a Venn Diagram! 

Thursday-Friday - It took us two days to write our final writing piece.  The students had to write a sentence about each snowman and then write how they were the same.

Hope you enjoyed our snowman writing! The kids did a great job!!