Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pumpkin Pie Fun

We had a day full of pumpkin activities!  One of our activities was to make a pumpkin pie snack.  We had so much fun getting messy and a majority of my class LOVED the snack!

First, we placed graham crackers in a ziplock bag.  Then we crushed them up with our fingers!  I warned the kids to be careful not to punch a hole in the bag. 

Then, we added a scoop of pumpkin pie mix to our pudding cup.  We mixed it ALL up!  This was a little messy. :] 

Next, we poured the graham crackers in the bottom of the cup and poured the pudding on top of it.  We also added some whip cream on top! :] 

Finally, we ate our delicious snack! 

We wrote adjectives to describe our pumpkin pie.  It was a great activity for following directions and to practice using our five senses to describe things. 

You should definitely try this out in your classroom! 

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