Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bats and Spiders Classroom Decorations

During October, I tried to set my room up as an exciting place for learning!  We learned about bats and spiders, so I decided to add some decorations to our room to make it more fun! 

I made a super simple bat cave by taking black bulletin board paper and draping it over my classroom library.  I used my crate seats to tuck the paper under and I taped it to the top of my bookshelf.  My kids LOVED this part of the room.  :]

This was fun and simple.  I found a bat image online, and then I took my kids pictures.  I cut out their faces and glued them to the face of the bat.  They colored their bats whatever they wanted.  I posted it on the outside of my door.  I thought this was so adorable! 

I used string and draped it across my door.  Then, I printed a spider and hung it down the middle.  It was super simple and a fun way for kids to enter the classroom!  They had to duck a little to get under the string.  Sometimes I would forget it was there and would almost walk right into it!

How do you decorate your room for the holidays? 

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