Friday, October 7, 2016

Apple Number Hunt

For math, I decided to have my students go on a fun apple hunt!  I added number sense, counting one-to-one, and number matching to the activity.  Wow - look at all those skills we covered with one afternoon of fun!

Students were paired with their math partner and were given a number card.  They had to read the number, and then go find the red card that matched that number.  For example, if their number was 6, they had to find the red card with 6 apples on it.  Students were then encouraged to point and count each apple to double check. 

I hid the cards in the library, cafeteria, gym, and our classroom. That is why the worksheet has four squares.  You could hide it in more places and copy the paper front and back. 

Students were able to work with their partners to hunt around the rooms, and they loved it!  Once they found the match, they recorded it on their paper.  

This activity was fun and easy. :]  

Students then write the number on the line and draw a picture to match it.  I encouraged them to make their apples look like the ones on the apple card.  

You can find this for FREE in my TpT store by clicking on the image below.  All you have to do is print and cut.  Happy apple hunting! 

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