Monday, October 31, 2016

Body Shapes in Math

This is one of my favorite activities!  It is quick and simple.  It also helps the kids see how many sides and vertices shapes have. 

I asked them to make a square.  Four students stood up and got on the floor to make a square with their bodies.  We counted the sides and the vertices.  They did a great job putting it together on their own!

I have my students make a triangle.  So, I ask them how many students do we need to make a triangle.  3!  Then, I let them make the shape with their bodies.  Sometimes the students sitting around them try to help them if they get confused. 

We made a rectangle and I thought this was awesome.  My kids on the ends to make the short sides decided to curl up!  This way we were still able to use four students.  Two long and two short sides, and my kids came up with the short sides on their own.  :] 

We had to do a circle together as a class standing up.  This way we could see that it didn't have any sides.  We used a string to hold onto and make it round. 

How do you review shapes?

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