Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Median and Mode

I just LOVE math!  It is so much fun working with numbers and you can do so many hands-on activities.  

While learning about median and mode, I used these fun dry erase covers to help the students really get into it.  

We incorporated measurement into our median and mode lesson.  So, the students measured their arm spans using centimeters.  Then, we wrote the number on their dry erase boards.

The students were then asked to complete the first step when finding the median.  They immediately knew they were supposed to place themselves in order from least to greatest!

Then, they took turns stepping forward (one at each end) until there was someone left in the middle. This told them the median of the set of numbers. 

They also looked at all of the numbers to determine which one showed the most to find the mode of the set.

You can see them hard at work below!

Here they are smiling and proud that they ordered themselves! :]

What is a fun way you teach median and mode?

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