Thursday, April 16, 2015

Researching Book Awards - Opinion Writing

Once we had researched the different book awards, (you can find that blog post here) the students were given different books to read in a small group that was a winner of one of the awards. I wanted the students to read books that had won the awards so they could get a better idea of their style of writing and why he/she won!

The students were able to focus on the pictures of the books and the words to better understand why that book earned the award.

I was hoping this would model for the students how to make their writing better and more detailed. 

When they finished listening to their books, we gathered on the rug and came up with examples that supported why that book may have won the award.  Then, we talked about how we could use these styles of writing in our own writing to make it better.  We also highlighted on different skills that we could focus on when trying to convince our reader to vote for out book.  

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