Friday, April 10, 2015

Non-Fiction Book Clubs Week 4

Week 4 sped by!  We had so much fun analyzing the character in our non-fiction biography book.  The students completed their first biography book about the person, and they started on the second book.  When reading non-fiction, I teach my students to read several sources on the same topic so they can become experts on what they're studying.  You will learn more about this during week 5.

As I said, we focused on the character in the book.  The main character is obviously who the book is about.  So, we wanted to focus on the character's traits and better understand the person we are reading about.

So, we made a web to share character traits about the person.  Then, off the character traits we explained what part of the book supports this trait.  For example, when reading about Ronald Reagan we said he was brave because the book told us that he saved 77 people from drowning when he was a lifeguard.  Wow!  That was very impressive and very brave.  

I modeled using Ronald Reagan, since that was the book we read together as a class.  Then, each group created their own webs using large bulletin board paper and markers.

I have all of these activities in my non-fiction reading book club unit.  I just enjoy using different materials occasionally.  My kids also really enjoy it!

Then, each group shared what they learned about their person.  I loved how they were able to share the character traits of the person and explain why they thought that.  This helped with my students finding text evidence to support their answers. 

You can check out my reading workshop unit by clicking on the picture below!

You can find week 5 by clicking here!

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