Thursday, April 2, 2015

Exploring Area

Area can be a tricky concept for kids to understand.  They often get the area and perimeter confused.  Well, I don't want that happening - so we do some exploration activities before we learn about area.

Students were given base ten blocks to create an object.  They LOVE creating things, so I had their attention immediately.

Then, they counted how many cubes were used to create their structure.  This was pretty simple because each base ten block held ten cubes.  So, when they counted the sticks they counted by 10.  This then told them the area of their structure.

My students thought this was so cool and they really enjoyed seeing how the cubes made of the space of the object.  This gave them a great visual for finding the area.

Area can be so much fun!  What other hands-on activities do you use to teach area?

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