Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Non-Fiction Reading Clubs Week 2

Here is week 2 of our non-fiction reading book club unit.  The students are about halfway through their biography, and I felt that this was a good place for students to start thinking about why the author shares certain information with the reader.  When reading, we must always be thinking and wonder why an author teaches us certain things.  When reading biographies, we learn that there could be many things shared about the person.  However, the author chooses to focus on certain parts of the person's life.  As readers, we must wonder what was the author's purpose and what was the author wanting us to learn.

So, we had a great discussion about why authors teach us certain things.  The students help me create the anchor charts.  I create new charts each year because I want student input.  Once we discussed why authors teach us certain things, then we focused on finding important topics in the book the author taught us and then think about why the author wrote this in the book.  We want to always be thinking while we read, and it is important to think about the author and why he/she would share specific information.  Does our opinion about the person change?  Do we learn more about the person?  We must understand the purpose.

I modeled how to find things the author shared in the story and then explain why he/she shared it.  As a class, we read the biography of Ronald Reagan.  This is what I used to model and had the students help me.

Then, the students created their own charts using large bulletin board paper.  They LOVED using markers and having the big paper to write on!

Each group was given a sheet to record, and then the students shared their information with the class. 

I loved how hard they worked!

You can find these as printables in the Nonfiction Reading Book Club unit by clicking on the picture below. 

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