Sunday, April 12, 2015

Exploring Measurement

Measurement!  This is such a tricky concept for my students.  I am not sure why, but they have a hard time measuring a length that is longer than a ruler.  When they have to mark a spot and then add on, they are totally lost!  My students also struggle with lining up at the 0.  This is something we have gone over what feels like a billion times, but they are still struggling.

So, I decided to spend our Friday review day practicing measurement.  We had a chart of fish that were each a different length.  The kids then had to pick a fish and measure it on the large sheet of white paper.  They had to draw the line and then record the length under it.  If the fish was longer than the measuring tool, they had to add on the length.  The kids LOVED using the large white paper, and I LOVED it because I had all the kids together.  I could easily see who was understanding how to measure and who wasn't.  I could also help them when they needed it.  It was a great visual and quick assessment check.  The students could also use the large sheet to show their work.  This helped them work their problem if they had to add a length. 

Check out my kids hard at work!

How do you review measurement in your classroom? 

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