Friday, March 27, 2015

Fiction Book Clubs Week 2

My students are just now getting more comfortable with the book clubs.  They are sharing more and getting excited when they can meet to talk about their books.  I love seeing them get so excited about books!

Well, we decided to dig a little deeper into the parts of a book.  So, we discussed the characters' feelings throughout the book.  I read Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus a little faster than they read their book club books so I could help model what they needed to look for.  We did a huge character unit in November which you can read about here.  This helped us discuss the character throughout the story and his or her feelings.  

Students completed this worksheet to check for understanding on the Junie B. Book.  They had their own version in their book club journals they could use with their books. 

We also focused a lot on summarizing!  Students had to summarize the Junie B. book.  We did this together as a class to help them fully understand what a summary is.  Here was our class anchor chart. 

We made snowmen to help us remember the order of a summary.  You can learn more about our snowmen summaries by clicking the picture below.  This was a huge hit and the kids loved it! 

We also learned about the author's purpose when reading books.  We know the author's purpose focuses on PIE - persuade, inform, and entertain.  We thought about the books we were reading and chose which one of the categories to describe the author's purpose of writing the book.

Why do author's write books?  Why do we need to know/understand their purpose?  These were questions we asked to help us be better readers!

Check out what we did the third week of the unit by clicking here!

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