Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fiction Book Clubs Week 3

This unit is moving right along!  I have really enjoyed this unit because I am starting to see my students be more independent readers.  They are also learning how to talk about their books in a productive way.  I have many students that just want to share every detail of their book, but now they are starting to really think about their books and choose various topics from their books to discuss rather then to just tell.

This week we started reading the second book in our book series.  This is important because this is when we start to analyze the books and compare and contrast what we read.  

I modeled for my students using the Junie B. Jones books.  These books are really cute and funny.  I also don't find them to be "too girly."

We began looking at the characters in the books.  Since a book series focuses on the characters, then we wanted to devote some time to really thinking about the reoccurring characters in the books.  We thought about how characters act the same in both books.  We looked at the beginning of the book when they introduce characters.  We also looked at how the character reacted to situations.  Then, we compared their reactions to see if they were the same. 

Students recorded the similarities they found on this worksheet.  I like to hold my students accountable while working, and this is a great way for me to check.

Then, we had to make a Venn Diagram to discuss the similarities and differences between the two books.  

I also had my students use this fun organizer to help them put their thoughts on paper.  Sometimes I get tired of the Venn Diagram. ;)

I LOVED watching them hard at work and discussing similarities and differences.  This can be a really tricky concept, but with lots of practice we get better!

We're almost done with this unit.  Check out our last week by clicking here!

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