Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fiction Book Clubs Week 1

Now that my students know what to do in their book clubs, I was able to jump into my lessons!

We started by discussing what are books in a series?  Well, they are books that include the same main characters and follow the same theme.  Great!  My kids now understand what a book series is.

We know what one is, but let's think about why we read them?  Well, it could simply be because we love the characters and want to read more about them! 

I always start by giving my students an example (personal) to help them see the connection.  One of my favorite book series is Harry Potter.  I share that I LOVE reading those books and can't wait to see what Harry gets into next.  You get so connected to the characters and you want to read more.  

We have established why we read them, but now let's think about what we should look for when reading books in a series.  We made an anchor chart that shared many of the things we have learned this year and focused on the topics we thought were important when reading books in a series.  We also wanted to think about things we might discuss in our book clubs when reading these books. 

Wow!  It was amazing to think of all the things we had learned so far. Each day of the week we focused on one of these topics while we read in our book club books.

Here is an example of one of the anchor charts we made as a class to help us better understand problem and solution in the story.  We also learned about the moral.  What is the moral of the story?  Why is it important to find this?  My students had never heard of the moral, so this was a GREAT mini-lesson.

Students were given book club journals that matched the lesson for each day.  They loved them!  It was also a great tool for me to use to check for student understanding.  They completed most of the pages independently and then used them to help with group discussion. 

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