Sunday, March 29, 2015

Teacher Tool Swap Gift - French Lick Blogger Meet-Up

I attended the second annual French Lick Blogger Meet-Up a few weeks ago.  Let me tell you, it was AMAZING!  I was able to see my blogging buddies and meet some of them face-to-face!  It was definitely an enlightening experience.  It is always so exciting being around other teachers that have the same passion for teaching as you do!

While at the meet-up, we play a super fun game where we bring our favorite teacher tool and swap it with another teacher.   Amanda Pauley from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten made up the fun story when we stood in a circle.  She would read it and when she would say the word left, we would pass to the left, when she would say right, we would pass to the right.  It was so funny when you would pass it one way and then immediately pass it back!

When the game finished, I won this AMAZING gift from Taking on Second.

It is the cutest gift!  I was SO excited and I am already using it in my classroom.  Thank you SO much for your thoughtful and creative gift!

She game me a fun bucket with sticks!

I wrote numbers on the sticks because I assign my students numbers, but she left it blank in case I did  something else.  Then, I pull out the sticks, I have the student with the number answer the question or do an activity, then I put it back in the bucket with the red side facing up.  This allows me to call on kids equally because let's face it - I can never remember who I have called on. 

She also gave me a Big Red pop.  Believe it or not, I have never drank Big Red before!  Eek!  I can't wait to try it!

I also received this fun pens.  They are my FAVORITE!  I use them all the time in my planner. :]

You can check out the other teacher tools that were swapped at our blogger meet up by clicking on the pictures below.  Happy hopping!

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