Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Christmas in July

It's a Christmas in July sale, again!  You are in luck!! I have brand new creations in my TPT store that you will NOT want to miss!

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I taught Kindergarten for 3 years, and I absolutely loved it!  I just started my TPT journey this past year.  I am so excited about the products I am making and having the chance to use them in my classroom.  I feel that I am learning so much more about teaching through this experience.  I also truly believe that God put me on this Earth to teach, and I love having the opportunity to share with other teachers!  I am blogging more and really researching the various ways to teach strategies.  This is great because I am starting my first year teaching second grade.  I have to refer to other teachers for help during this process.  

You may be wondering why I moved to second grade when I loved Kindergarten!  Well, I just moved from Indiana to Chicago this summer.  My husband got a new job, so I had to leave my job.  Fortunately, I was given a job at a school in Chicago teaching second grade.  I was/am thrilled!!  This is a great experience for me, and I am excited about this opportunity.

With that said, you will find items in my TPT store that range from Kindergarten to Second/Third grade.  I hope that you check out my products and find them useful for you!

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Happy shopping!!

Click on the image below to see my TPT store!

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