Sunday, May 11, 2014


Spring Flowers!

I was inspired by Kooky Kinders to do some sunflower writing and planting this week!  So, we planted our sunflower seeds in cups and placed them near our classroom windows.  My room does not receive much sunlight, so they were struggling to grow.  Therefore, we took them outside to our little playground and placed them on top to see if that would help them grow.  We used our sunflower observation book to keep track of what happened each day.  My goodness, they seemed like they were never going to grow.  But, on Friday there were 3 that started to sprout!  I was thrilled because I never can make plants grow and I don't know why!  However, the students loved planting them and were eager to check them out each day!

Check out the observation book that we used during the week to track our progress from Kooky Kinders TPT store.  Click the image for your FREE copy today!

After planting our seeds, we made a sunflower and labeled it.  You can find this from Kooky Kinders TPT store!  Click the image below for your FREE copy today!

After labeling our sunflowers, we wrote sunflower adjectives and wrote sentences using adjectives to describe sunflowers! 

We also tried sunflower seeds and graphed whether we liked them or not.  Well, there wasn't much to our graph because EVERYONE loved them!  I was so surprised because I have some picky eaters in my room!  We then wrote about the sunflower seeds and practiced writing adjectives 3 in a series using commas.  This is great practice for them!

Click on the image above for your FREE copy!

Check out our first plant that started to grow!!  I was possibly more excited then the kids!  What do you do to teach plants in your classroom?!

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