Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Goin' Buggy in Kindergarten

Do you love learning about bugs?  I sure do!  I find them so fascinating, and the kids of course love bugs!  I wanted to know what my kids knew about bugs, so we made a KWL chart to write what we know, what we wanted to learn, and then at the end of the week we would write what we learned.  It was fun to see what they wanted to learn about.  My kids were very interested in bugs and couldn't wait to go on a bug hunt!  

Before going on a bug hunt, we graphed what bug was our favorite to hunt for!  I was amazing to see that the worm won!  I am more of a caterpillar kind of girl. :]  We then compared the bugs on the graph.  We found which one had the most, which the least, and the difference between the two.  It is always difficult to find the difference, so we practice this whenever we can!  

After our bug hunt, we made an entomologist!  This is someone that studies insects.  Each student picked an insect to study and wrote about the insect.  My favorite part was seeing what they would name their bug!

For our writing, we made an All About Insects book.  It even had a Table of Contents!  The book gave facts about bumblebees, ladybugs, dragonflies, and praying mantis'.  The kids did a great job of finding details from the book to state facts about each animal.  This was great practice and followed the Common Core Standards!  We even practiced labeling bugs!  Check out our book!

We ended our week making a ladybug (one of my favorite bugs, since I was an Alpha Sig in college and that was our mascot!) and we wrote about why ladybugs are important for plants.  We also talked about different things that "bug" us.  That was one of my most favorite conversations with my students because the things that "bug" them are so funny!  Look at our cute ladybugs!

Foodie Friday treat = Ladybug!  ADORABLE!   

What do you do for Bugs in your classroom?? I'd love to hear about it!

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