Friday, May 23, 2014

Flip-Flop Blog Hop

Summer is almost here, and this awesome Flip-Flop Blog Hop is adding some excitement to my classroom! :)  I was fortunate enough to be paired with two outstanding teachers that have some fun creations that you can find at their TPT store.  If you visit Kelly and Kim's Kreations on TPT, you can follow their store.  This way you can get the latest updates on their newest products!

The product that I was able to swap was a fun Ocean themed rhyming activity.  This was perfect because I have been teaching my students all about the ocean the past couple of weeks!  Please check out my blog post about the Oceans of Fun we have had fun learning about ocean life!

Here is the cute product from Kelly and Kim's Kreations!  You can find this product by clicking on the image below.  It will take you right to their TPT store!

We practiced this rhyming words activity during our I/E time.  This is our intervention and enrichment time.  I was able to work with a group of students on this fun activity.  It was perfect!  The words were not too hard, but not too easy  They provided each student with the opportunity to answer some rhyming words correctly to build their confidence, but the cards also caused students to struggle with a few allowing them to broaden their vocabulary words and strengthen their phonemic awareness skills.  Check out the fun we add while playing this neat matching game!

I hope you take the time To visit Kelly and Kim's Kreations on Teachers Pay Teachers.  They have some phenomenal products and were really fun to work with!  

Now...something for YOU!
Since you are taking the time to check out our fun Flip-Flop Blog Hop, I am offering you one of my rhyming activities for FREE!  Click on the image below to receive your free copy today.  I hope you enjoy!  

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  1. Wow! What colorful fish, it looks like fun!
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