Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spelling Bee 2014

Spelling Bee 2014

We had a very exciting Spelling Bee with our Kindergarten Reading Group.  I am teaching the enrichment group this year, and I thought it would be fun to push my students to learn how to not only read the sight words, but spell them also!  I was so impressed with how hard the students studied.  They were given a month to study.  I gave them a list of all the Dolch words from pre-primer to third grade.  I also gave them a list of word family words to practice. 

Click on the photo for your copy of the Dolch words!

After a month of studying, we had our spelling bee at school for families and other kindergarten students to come and watch!  We had a great turn out.  There were 30 students participating in the spelling bee (yes, I have 30 students in my reading group...ALL ALONE!).  We had them all set up, and they took turns coming to the microphone to spell their words.  They even said the word, spelling it, and said the word again.  They were professional spellers!  I was SO proud of them!  There were a few tears from students that did not make it, but they were all good sports.  I even gave each student a cookie at the end!  That is better than a trophy any day!  Check out our pictures of the event and the trophy.  Our winner and runner-up were from the same homeroom.  Congratulations to Mrs. Austin from Kooky Kinders!  Thank you to everyone that came and for all the parents' support!

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