Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moms and Muffins

    Happy Mother's Day!

We made our very own Moms and Muffins invitations!  Our event was planned for a Friday afternoon on a beautiful sunny day!  My students talked about this day all week.  They were so excited for their moms to visit!



Each mom got a silhouette of their child, a placemat with their handprint, a thumb print magnet, mother's day book, and a fun questionnaire the kids answered about them!  We were super busy creating all of our gifts for our moms!  I found most of these items on TPT and some were free!





To make the thumbprint magnets, we used molding clay.  I used the Crayola brand. It comes in a white package from Wal Mart or any other craft store.  You don't need very much-so you take a small piece of the molding clay and roll it into a ball.  Then, you take the child's thumb and press it into the mold one way and then take he other thumb and match it up with the thumbprint to press it the other way so that it looks like a heart!  You will want to let it sit for a few hours to let it harden before painting them.  I had the students paint them using water colors.  It makes the heart stand out!  I tried getting them to color the inside one color and the outside another color, but they turned out great how they painted them!  I also bought round magnets from Wal Mart (pack of 50) and used a hot glue gun to glue them on the back of the heart.  I used a permanent marker to write their name and year on the back.  If you have any questions let me know! 


We had a great day - thanks to all the moms that came and for their continued support this school year!  At the end, we had a surprise video that showed the moms why their child loves them!  I hope you enjoyed it! :]

My mom brought her Brazillian students to sit with my friends whose mothers couldn't come. 

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