Thursday, April 24, 2014

Springing Into Science Blog Hop!

Yay for Science!!  I sure love teaching science in my classroom.  There is not enough time, but I try to squeeze it in when I can.  This time of year is my favorite because we can focus on plants, life cycles of animals/bugs, and weather.  I love living in Indiana because we get all four seasons and can really teach weather.  Students can relate to each season - even though the weather has been pretty crazy this year. 

At the beginning of the year during the fall, I taught a unit on plants, apples, and pumpkins.  We practiced the life cycle of plants and tried planting Hair.  This was when we used grass seed and soil in cups to grow "hair."  We placed pictures of my kids faces on the cups so it would look like their hair was growing out of the top of the cup.  The students loved seeing their faces on the cups.  Then, when the "hair" grew, it was really fun to look at!

Check out our plant activity that shows the different types of plants.

Now that it is spring, we order a butterfly kit and ant farm from Insect Lore.  Check out this website to learn about different resources you can purchase.  I find them very reasonably priced.  Last year, we did the butterfly life cycle and absolutely loved it!  We had our Mom's and Muffins event, and during the event one of the butterflies came out of their cocoon and started flying around the caged net.  It was so neat!  This definitely made for a memorable afternoon.  I have never done the ant farm, so I am excited to see how that works out.  We hope to get our ants and butterflies soon!

Check out our life cycle of a butterfly activity!

During our weather unit, we learned about tornadoes, thunderstorms, rainbows, clouds, and lightning.  We did the typical tornado experiment with the 2 liter bottles of pop, water, glitter, and soap.  They loved watching the tornado spin around and around!  When we learned about clouds, we practiced the 3 different types of clouds.  We used shaving cream to learn about them.  It was so fun and messy!  For our rainbow experiment, we tried to make a rainbow using skittles in water.  Our experiment did not turn out as planned.  However, this was a good lesson for my kids to see that not everything works out as planned!  

Be sure to look at this fun Spring Science Linky Party!  There are many fun resources for FREE!

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Check back with my blog next week when we complete more fun science experiments and observations of plants and bugs!

While completing our science activities, we use this scientific method packet to help us understand the steps to completing an experiment.  Hope you enjoy this fun freebie!

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