Saturday, April 5, 2014

Leprechaun Madness

For St. Patrick's week we had lots of fun!  The leprechaun came to visit us twice!! On Monday he came and ruined the classroom, left each student a gift bag, and left us a note saying that he would be back!

The students went crazy!  So in the afternoon, we made leprechaun traps in hopes that we would catch him!  I split the students into small groups and let them go crazy!  Parents sent in various supplies to help us make our traps!

On Tuesday, the leprechaun came back and destroyed all of the traps!! He even went to the bathroom and left a trail of footprints behind.  The leprechaun left us leprechaun rocks in the classroom.  Each student got one rock!

In the afternoon, we discovered what was in the leprechaun rocks!  So, we used vinegar and placed the rocks in it! Oh boy it was exciting!  It fizzed and over flowed! Then, we found letters inside the rocks! 

This is what we found inside!  Letters that spelled Rainbow Cake For You!  Woo hoo!  The leprechaun left us a yummy rainbow cake.  We were super excited!

Throughout the week, we wrote about how to catch a leprechaun.  We practiced transition words in our writing.  Then, we created a leprechaun to go with our writing.  Last, we made our Foodie Friday treat!

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