Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brazilian visitors

My mother teaches ESL and is currently teaching a class at Rose Hulman.  Her students are all from Brazil.  My class was fortunate enough to have them visit our classroom and teach us various skills.  We were so excited to have them visit!  This is such a great opportunity for my students.  They get to learn about different cultures.  My students also love all the attention! 

There were seven groups.  One group taught a fun hand game that included a song.

Another group taught about the different animals in their country.  One of my students said, "Do you want me to tell you about animals here?"  The Brazilian said, "Well, yes!"  So my student proceeded to tell them that we have rhinoceros here and that we call them rhinos. Haha I thought this was so funny that the animal he talked about was a rhino!  

One group taught the students about a parade they have each year.  At this parade they wear masks.  So, the students made masks. They also learned different words in Portugeuse by playing a game!

One group also learned about color words, while another group sang a song and did a dance!

 Outside my students learned how to play "football" or soccer.  They loved this group! 

We loved having our visitors!! We hope they come back soon!  Thank you! 

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