Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reading Workshop

At our school, we divide our kindergarten students into 6 different groups for our 90 minute reading block.  There are 6 teachers-so we take our students and level them based on ability.  I am teaching the high group this year, so I am doing a lot of enrichment activities.  If you don't group at your school-I suggest doing it during an intervention time because it is very beneficial.  I still have to differentiate, but not as much.

One thing I have started with my reading group this year is Reading Workshop.  I've incorporated what I do for math workshop and started it during reading. I only do this 3 days a week.  I still do reading centers 4 days a week, but I've added another small group time with reading workshop.  I get to work with all 30 of my reading group kids in a small group 4 times a week!  That is pretty awesome! 

So, this is how I do it:

I number my kids into 4 different groups-so I have roughly 7 in each group.  We complete ALL 4 rotations each day we do workshop.  I choose to do it Tuesday-Thursday.  Monday, I do whole group instruction and introduce the unit, vocabulary words, sight words, etc.  On Friday, I review what we've done for the week and focus on one particular skill the whole time.  For example, we've been reviewing sneaky e words on Friday because my kids still struggle with it. 

The reading workshop goes as follows: 

The students look at what number they go to for the first rotation and go to that location.  I then change it after each rotations so they know where to go next.  We are at each station for about 15 minutes. 

1. The first station (number 1) is always with me.  This is when we meet at the teacher table and they work with me.  I teach the lesson at this time and focus on the objective for the day.  Sometimes I have my students complete a worksheet to check for understanding, but I can typically tell who understands and who doesn't. 

*Here is an example of a small group lesson.  Today, we focused in cause and effect.  It was great to teach in to a small group - they focus so much more! 

2.  The second station (number 2) is always comprehension.  The students read a book and complete the comprehension worksheet.  I believe this is so important because it covers many skills.  Depending on their level, they either write sentences or draw pictures with labels.  Now that it is farther in the year I encourage them to write sentences.  Check out the freebie!

3. The third station is word work.  They pull a colored basket and take it to the matching colored table. Then, they practice the dolch words during word work.  There are six different stations. The star actions are alphabetical order, stamp a word, use pile cleaners to make words, roll a word, white board writing, and rainbow writing. 

4. The last station is Fab Four.  They refer to be Fab Four chart and practice rhyming words, syllables, sounds in words, and write the word.  Once they have completed this, they complete another activity.  These activities change.  Sometimes they read big books, correct sentences, of play a game.  I enjoy being flexible with this and I can focus in things they are struggling with.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Reading Workshop!  I have noticed my students improve so much.  I used to ask them a question when they would leave class to check for understanding, and typically 60% would know without prompting. Now, when my students leave about 90% know without help!  I am so excited and I encourage you to try it.  The prep is really easy, and I love how my kids work at each station.  They love it too!

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