Sunday, April 13, 2014

Morning Routine

Daily schedules and routines are so important.  In my classroom - we complete many activities when they enter the room.  I start all of these, except the skill boxes on the first day of school!  It is so important to get students in the routine right away.  By the third day of school, students already have the routine memorized and complete their tasks without having to be shown what to do!  Unfortunately, daily reminders are announced - but I am used to it in kindergarten! :]

First, the students enter the room and sign in at the binder.  They have to write their first and last name.  At the beginning of the year, they trace their name to practice writing it correctly.  It also helps
them not write capital letters in the middle of their name.

Next, the students go to the pocket chart - find their assigned number - and pick the card to read to the me.  Each student is given a number at the beginning of the year (alphabetical order), and it helps me not have to change names on things each year.  It also helps them practice number recognition!   At the beginning of the year, students read the letter and letter sound.  As the year goes on, they get cvc words, numbers, number words, color words, etc.  They are currently reading words with blends and digraphs.  It is a great way to know what students can blend sounds together.

Then, the students put their homework folders in the basket, so that I can check their homework.  I also stuff their folders because if I let them do it, the lose several papers.  

Then, students sit down and work on their red skill boxes.  Each student has their own skill box that focuses on the skills they need to work on.  Check out my skill box blog to learn more about how I differentiate!  

Last, while students are working on their skill boxes, they go one at a time with a fourth grade student and read a leveled book.  Each student has a leveled reader (their level is based on their ability), and they take it home each night and read it to someone.  Their parents then have to initial that their child read the book to them in their reading log.   When the student gets to school in the morning, they read the book to the fourth grader and get a new book.  This way, the students are practicing fluency by reading the book multiple times.  The students refer to the reading level pocket chart to know what level they are on.

Below are the items in their reading bags/homework bags!

Once our morning routine is complete - I take attendance and lunch count.  Then, we move on to Poetry for Breakfast.  What are your morning routines??

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