Sunday, November 16, 2014

Everyday Math Vocabulary

If you use the Everyday Math curriculum, then you are in for a treat!   One of my colleagues just shared this website with me, so I just had to share with YOU!

Even if you do not use Everyday Math, you might find this useful.

When teaching math, it is so important to teach the vocabulary words.  This can be tricky and easy to forget.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say it is easy to forget because this just might be me!  However, this is still a great resource to have!

Here is a website where you can find vocabulary word cards for grades 1-6.  They are perfect!  They are divided by unit and even have pictures to help students remember.  

I am going to post these on my math wall in a pocket chart during each unit to help me remember to review the vocabulary words.

I even made this fun worksheet to have my students fill out and place in their math binders to help them remember all the words they learn.  I plan to have them complete the worksheet everytime I introduce a new word in the unit.  They can also go back and refer to the words when they come across them during other math activities. 

Grab your copy here!

I hope you find this website useful! Thanks for stopping by. :) I have to go cut out all my vocabulary cards I laminated!

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