Sunday, November 16, 2014

Veterans Day

I know Veterans Day has passed, but I had to share what we did.  It is also something that can be taught whenever because we should always be honoring our Veterans.  

I got this AMAZING pack from Sailing into Second.  It was just perfect and if you don't have it, you HAVE to purchase it!  Just click on the image below to check it out.  You could also check out her other work, she is super talented! 

I loved this pack because it helped me teach what Veterans Day is and Memorial Day.  These are two days that are often confused.  This pack had everything.

We started by completing a KWL chart.  The students had a worksheet from the unit they filled out while I wrote what they said on the board.  This was my favorite part because the kiddos were so funny with what they "knew" before we learned about Veterans. 

Some students said that Veterans ate raw food, they have special bathrooms and trash cans, and all Veterans go to the White House when they come back from war.  What?! My brain was exploding! How do they come up with this stuff? 

Please excuse my handwriting, I am still not used to the smartboard! 

Then, we read these cute emergent readers from the packet.  They really helped us understand the reason for Veterans Day. 

We read another informative sheet and completed a short comprehension question activity at the end of the passage.  This helped us remember what we learned.  We were also able to state the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day after this activity!

Students also completed a cut and paste activity where they matched the job description of each branch to the proper military branch.  This was perfect because my students didn't know all the branches or what each branch was known for doing.  

We made a Flipbook with 3 facts to show what we learned at the end of our lesson.  I loved this as a teacher because it was a perfect exit slip! 

This pack also had writing templates for writing letters to Veterans.  We are planning on using those in a few weeks.  One of my student's father was just deployed to Afghanistan.  So, we are waiting until he settles in to send him some motivating cards.  We appreciate these cute templates from this packet.

Please be sure to check out Sailing into Second.  You won't be disappointed. I love her creations! 

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