Thursday, November 20, 2014

Student of the Week

I have a beach theme in my classroom, so I do a Catch of the Week.  This is so much fun! My kids love this and feel so special when it is their week.

I made these cute forms that can be sent home to have students complete the weeks' activities.  Click on the image below!

There are 3 different forms included in the pack.  Each form also has different activities to allow you to use what you want, as well as a blank form you can fill out.  The forms include, Catch of the Week, Star of the Week, and Student of the Week. 

Here is the layout of the form I use each week.  This is my favorite!

Monday: Bring in a completed All About Me poster.  We then display it on our Catch of the Week board.  I buy my posters from Really Good Stuff

Tuesday: Students bring in a Show and Tell item.  They love this!

Wednesday: I eat lunch with my student. I enjoy getting to know them and not talk about school work. 

Thursday:  My students have a special reader come.  I have them come at the end of the day that way the student can go home with them.  They read their child's favorite book or any book they want:  this is always fun and the kids love having someone come to our room!  It could  be their parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, sister, etc.  When their sibling goes to their school, they always love when they come in and read!

Friday: We make a poster for the student telling why the student is our friend. I use chart paper and the kids all write on the poster and sign their name.  The kids love taking this home! I have had several tell me that they hang it up in their room. I always sign it, too!

Thanks for stopping by!  Do you do anything special in your room?  I would love to hear about it.  Please leave a comment below! 

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