Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snowman Day!

We decided to celebrate winter by having a snowman day!  We started the day by reading Snowmen at Night and practiced retelling the story. We then focused on finding the main idea of the story by looking at everything we retold.  We used the information to find what the story was mostly about.  The kids did an awesome job retelling it!  I mean sometimes their memories amaze me because they remember things I don't at times.

Once we finished the story and wrote the main idea, we made our own snowmen at night.  I LOVED this project.  It has been all over Pinterest, and they turned out so much cuter than I thought they would. 

It started like this. I drew the circle with a white crayon to give them an outline to follow. 

Then they worked hard to fill in the circle with white pieces of paper.  They added snowflakes with white crayons and added the eyes, nose, and mouth with construction paper. 

They turned out adorable like this!

Here is my hallway display. :]

During writing, we wrote how to make a snowman.  Students completed their own snowman book with words and drawings.  We focused on using transition words. You can grab your own copy here!

During handwriting we practiced writing our names correctly using only capital letters at the beginning of our name.  We wrote them on snowmen!

Then, we took our snowmen and practiced graphing them to see who had the most letters in their name and who had the least letters.  You can see us lining them up on the floor and tallying them.  We completed a sheet that shared the most, least, and the difference between the two.

Here is our hallway display of our snowmen names.  I think they are really cute!

I hope you've enjoyed learning about Snowman Day!  Please share below if you do anything fun with  snowmen in your classroom.  I'd love to hear it!

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