Friday, January 8, 2016

Shared Reading and Writing

It's a brand new year, and I'm ready to get back into my blogging!  I have missed it so much - I'm sorry for my absence.  I've been so overwhelmed at work, and unfortunately, I had family illnesses.  So, I am determined to make 2016 my best blogging year yet!

I hope your new year is off to a great start.  I thought I would share with you part of my morning routine.  Every day my class participates in shared reading and writing.  You may be wondering, what is shared reading and writing?  Well, this is when you and your class read stories or poems together as  a class and then create writing pieces together as a class.  I like to use this shared reading and writing time to do things a little bit different.  

I always end morning meeting with our shared reading and writing.  Every week we have a new poem.  This is our shared reading portion.  I introduce the poem on Monday and the students listen/repeat to learn the new poem.  Then, we make the puppet to match it!

On Tuesday, we read the poem again as a class (a student always points while we read).  Then, we color the poem and place it in our poetry folder.  We use this folder during our independent reading time.  Students are given time to read their look books or their poetry folders.  They also use their puppets at this time to read their poems. They love it!

Here is the schedule for shared reading the rest of the week:
Wednesday: Read the poem, student points, find words that start with the letter of the poem
If the poem is focusing on the letter K, then we look for all the words that start with K or have a K in them. 

Thursday: Read the poem, student points, find sight words
We often use wiki sticks or dry erase markers to find the sight words.  I write the poems on chart paper and laminate them for durability. 

Friday: Read the poem, student points, practice fluency by reading the poem using different voices
We might use a robot voice, a cowboy voice, a whisper voice, a deep voice, a squeaky voice, etc. 

The students learn all 26 poems of the alphabet and at the end of the year we have a poetry palooza and share them with our families!

 Here is the book I use to get my poems:

Our shared writing of the week consists of us learning 3 new vocabulary words each week.  Then, we practice learning these words by placing them in sentences for our shared writing.

I always pick a picture that will go along with the vocabulary words.  Then, we write sentences to match the picture and use the vocabulary words in our sentences.  Finally, we read the writing together as a class.  This is our shared writing time each day. 

Once we learn the vocabulary words, I place them on our door where we continue to review them during line up time.  We have learned so many words!  You can find the words that we have learned so far by clicking here.  

I hope you have learned something today.  If you have shared reading and writing, please leave a comment below explaining what you do each day - I'd love to learn more!

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