Thursday, January 21, 2016

Learning about Famous People {Ruby Bridges}

During Social Studies we are learning about famous people.  We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. last week (perfect for Martin Luther King Jr. Day).  This week we learned about Ruby Bridges!

She is the perfect person for my students to learn about and reiterate how brave and strong she had to be during such a difficult time period.  She is also perfect because she is close to my students' age, so they can try to relate to her and how she felt at that time.

Ruby was so brave and showed my students that they can be brave too.  We read this great book (picture above) called The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles.  My kids loved it and held on to every word as I read.  Then, we did a fun activity to help us remember the story and discuss it.

You can see my students hard at work coloring the two school houses.  One school was Ruby Bridge's and one was ours.  Then, we discussed how our schools were the same and different. I found this cute and FREE activity from First Grade and Flip Flops.   

I put it together a little differently than she showed, but I thought it turned out cute!

This was a fun activity and really helped my students better understand how far our country has come.

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