Monday, September 1, 2014

First Week of School

We just finished our first week of school!  Wow, it was a blast.  I absolutely loved getting to know my students this week.  Check out what we focused on this week!

We primarily focused on the 7 Habits of Healthy Kids.  We are a Leader in Me School and our focus the first week of school is on teaching the 7 Habits to our students.  

We learned about Habit 1 - Br Proactive 

We used The No David books to help us discuss being proactive and taking our own actions into our own hands.

This is such an important habit because it teaches students how to take responsibility and do their best. 

We wrote about Peacemakers and Peacrbreakers.  We even sorted them on our pocket chart!

Students made their own David and wrote about how they are proactive. 

We also read Pete the Cat and talked about his great attitude!  Pete never got upset and was in control of his actions. 

We also briefly talked about the characters, setting, problem, and solution in the story.  We did some WBT to help us remember what question is being asked for each of these topics to help us remember what to record. 

We also reviewed Havit 2-Begin with the End in Mind

We decided to make some Mac and cheese and discuss the importance of looking ahead and making a plan.  This was extra important since I had to bring the materials to school so I had to remember every item.

As you can see, the kids loved the Mac and cheese! 

We also wrote our class mission statement - we were making a plan for the year and beginning the year with the end in mind. 

Each student wrote a goal on a post it note.  We then placed them on the chart paper and grouped them based on topics.  Then, we wrote a statement together.  I let the students tell me what to write. They did a great job!

Then, we reviewed Habit 3 - Put First Things First.

We discussed how it is important to always do your homework first before playing.  We also talked about completing chores before playing.  Students were then given homework to complete the All About Me bag and return it the next day. They were to practice getting their homework done before playing.  

I really enjoyed getting to know the kids!  The All About Me bags give a nice quick introduction before we begin our Cathch of the Week activities. 

We reviewed Habit 4-Think Win-Win.

I talked to the kids about making compromises and allowing for things to happen so that both parties win. I brought up the importance of taking small breaks and using exercise to give our brains a break!  So, I introduced Go Noodle to my kids. We loved it! They are quick little videos where they can do some exercise and get on their feet.  This was a win-win for us because the kids get to do something fun and I get to encourage them work harder if I allow them to participate in Go Noodle. 

We will focus on the other habits next week!

Here are some miscellaneous things we worked on this week also:
Getting to Know each other
Special area classes
Morning Routine 

Our morning routine is my favorite! I'll share about that this week.

We also made name mosaics to display our work in the hallway and glitter names for our word wall.

We had a great first week!  Thanks for checking out my post.  Please check back this week to see what we have planned! :) 

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