Saturday, March 1, 2014

Poetry for Breakfast

At my school we have Poetry for Breakfast in the morning.  This is where we gather and read a poem for the week and discuss various phonics skills.  The poem this week was Quinella Q. Queen!  We have been doing one letter poem a week all year (amongst other poems depending on the holiday).  I made each child a poetry binder.  The binder has all of the poems and worksheets/activities we do each day.  It is in a one inch binder so at the halfway point during the year I switched out the binder materials.  

Each day of the week we follow a routine. 

Monday: Read the poem/Make the letter puppet.

I bought an awesome book that has all the letter puppets and letter poems!

Tuesday: Highlight letters/special sounds/sight words in the poem.  This skill changes throughout the year depending on the need.

We also complete a circle map of the letter from the Chit Chat Pack I bought on TPT.

Wednesday: We focus on a particular phonics skills. 
Rhyming, special sounds, sight words, opposites, beginning sounds, ending sounds, middle sounds, vowels, etc.

This week we focused on rhyming and I'll teach a mini lesson and have them complete the page in their poetry binder independently.  I will check their page and then we review together.

Thursday: review the letter and complete an ABC handwriting page.  We also complete a sentence and drawing page where students illustrate the picture.  The sentence has to have a word that starts with the letter we practiced this week.

Friday:  The students listen to a poem that focuses on the letter for the week.  Then, they have to illustrate the poem.  Many students struggle with comprehending what they hear-so this is good review.

Check out our poem this week! And rhyming activity.  Please let me know if you want to learn more about our Poetry for Breakfast.  Please leave me a comment or email if you want some resources I have made!

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