Friday, March 21, 2014

Farm Fun

We have so much fun in kindergarten!! This week, we learned all about farm animals!  We started out by reading Mrs. Wishy Washy and practiced retelling the story.  Then, we reviewed the animals in the story.  

The first animal we learned about was a duck!  

We wrote about what ducks do and what we do.  Then, we practiced following directions while making the duck.

Next, we completed the mud experiment and discussed why pigs like to roll in mud.  We learned that it is because it cools them off!  The students came up with some very creative responses.

All the students felt the mud and were able to write descriptive words about mud!  They did not like how it felt.

Students made a dirt cup to complete the fun mud experiment activity!  This is also a great way for them to practice following directions and writing steps to completing a task.  

We made cows and wrote about what we like!

Last, we made pigs! 

Our Foodie Friday treat was a pig snack!  

Our hallway farm display!  We have learned so much this week.  Please check out the Mrs. Wishy Washy unit on TPT!

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