Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quick Counting Activity

We did a quick, fun math activity!  It was easy prep, and the kids loved it!

I used this cute Count the Monkey book and read it to the class first.  It's a great interactive book where the kids get to count with me while I read.

Then, I grab gallon ziplock bags and write a number on each bag (1-10).  I pair the students with their math partners and they walk around the classroom filling the bag with items.  They place the number of items in the bag that match the number on the bag. 

Here some of the kids are searching for items to place in the bag.  My only rule is that they must put the items back where they found them. 

Look at that sweet face!  She was so excited when she got the right amount of items to match the number on the bag. 

I hope you enjoy this fun way to learn numbers and practice counting!  When students were done, we gathered on the rug and they practiced counting out each item. 
This is a great way to quickly assess students' number knowledge as well. 

Happy counting!

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