Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

I LOVE the book Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom!  It is a great beginning of the year book and helps review the letters in the alphabet. 

These are our completed chicka trees.  We practice writing our names, fine motor skills, cutting, glueing, and counting!

We love making messes on the floor and getting our hands dirty. :]

Here is how we made our Chicka trees so you can make them too!

We take a rectangular piece of brown construction paper and cut the edges off.  I cut all the pieces to the appropriate size for the kids so they don't have to take a large sheet and make it small.  

I tell the kids to cut the sharpies.  They love it!  We cut off each edge just a little bit. 

Then, we take a rectangular piece of green paper and cut the sharpies. 

We do all four sides, and we cut a decent size off the corner so we can make it look like a palm tree. 

All four sides are complete and it looks like a diamond (kind-of!). 

Then, we round the edges.

Finally, we take all the pieces and glue them together on a sheet of construction paper.  We then add our names.  I typed them on the computer and the kids cut them out and glued them in order.  We also counted how many letters were in our names and wrote it on the piece of paper and glued it to our chicka tree.

We had so much fun practicing our names, making chicka trees, and reading a fun book!

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