Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Class Mission Statement

I start each year by having my students write a class mission statement.  It is so important for my whole class to understand our classroom expectations, and I like that they are the ones that create it.

I start by having students give me ideas of what makes a good leader.  I have them share what our class should be doing in order to be good learners and leaders.

I take those ideas and place them on post-it notes.

Then, we group them by looking to see which ones are similar or talk about the same topic.

Then, with support from me since they are 5, ;] we form our ideas into three sentences for our class mission statement.  I think anything more than 3 is too much for my little ones.  Once we have come up with our statement, each student colors a picture of their face and writes their name to promise to follow this mission each and every day. 

We recite this mission statement every morning!  I often refer to our mission to help remind students how to act.  It helps us stay on track and be great leaders every day!

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