Monday, September 21, 2015

Apple Day in Kindergarten

Fall is upon us!  This is my favorite time of year!  I also love it because it starts to cool down outside.  My room has no A/C, so I dream of a day of no sweating while teaching!  :]

This year, I am having themed Fridays to celebrate our hard work all week.  Although our Fridays are full of fun activities, we will also be spending the day doing some serious learning. The fun thing is that the kids don't even realize how much they are learning!

So, our first fun Friday was APPLE DAY!  The kids were talking about it all day and even when I dropped them off to their parents.  That is what I call a successful day.

First on our apple agenda was reading the book Apple Trouble.  Then, we went on an apple trail walk where we had to practice retelling the story.  We followed the apples on the floor, and then each time we came to a white sheet of paper, we had to complete that retelling portion of our book.  My kids LOVED going on the trail and finding where the next stop was.

The white sheet of paper said characters, setting, beginning, middle, end, problem, solution, and moral.  Then, we had a page dedicated to each white sheet in our retelling book.

After reading, we did some apple tasting.  I love focusing on the 5 senses to help my kids come up with adjectives.  This helps them learn descriptive words, which then helps them be better writers.  We tried red, green, and yellow apples.  One of my students said, "This is my first time ever having a yellow apple. This is the best day ever!"  

They sure loved eating those apples!  Don't worry, I did make them work for it.  First, they had to look at the apples and give me descriptive words.  Then, they had to listen to the apple, smell the apple, and touch the apple.  Finally, I let them eat the apple!  I also asked them to remember which apple was their favorite for our graphing activity we did later.

Check out all of our adjectives/descriptive words!

After we came up with descriptive words, my kiddos were asked to draw a picture about apples and write about them. Here is a range of pictures and writing I have within my classroom.

Each week we have 3 vocabulary words.  One of my students used our vocabulary word in a sentence.  I was SO excited when he did this.  The vocabulary word was artist.  He wrote, "I am an artist of apples."  This was definitely a proud teacher moment. (Also, a stupid one because I forgot to take a picture of it!)

During math, we graphed which apple was our favorite.  The kids loved seeing which apple won!  It was also a great graphing activity because there was a variety of opinions.  We discussed the most, least, and how many more liked green than red.  

We practiced two of our sight words by using apple jacks.  This was a fun hands-on activity.  Also, they got to eat some apple jacks when they were done. :]

We ended our apple day by making fun apples and writing a sentence using one of the descriptive words we learned during the day!

This is a great fine motor activity.  They rip the paper into small pieces and cover the small paper plate until you can't see the plate anymore.

Some of these activities I have included in a packet here.  Check it out if you are interested in completing any of these. :]

Thanks for stopping by!!  We definitely had a fun apple day.  What is your favorite thing to do with apples?

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