Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Morning Meeting

Each morning my students know our routine like the back of their hand! It is great.  That is one thing I love about consistency- show them a few times and they know what to do!  I also post the directions on a pocket chart so my students can refer to it if necessary.

As you can see, it's nothing fancy-but it gets the job done! 

Students arrive and put their things in the lockers. Then, they put away their agendas, homework folders, and poetry folders. Students are expected to read their card in the morning. 

I only have 9 kids this year, so my chart looks a little bare! I use my morning routine cards to do a quick review.  We are currently using numbers. The students have to read the number and then tell me 10 more, 10 less, 20 more, or 20 less.  It is a great way to differentiate because each student has a number and they read the card placed on their number. Also, I can differentiate while talking to them.  It takes maybe 20 seconds a student! I have a packet that includes various morning cards that can be used. There are sight words, prefixes, suffixes, numbers, special sound words, digraphs, sneaky e words, and more!   I also did this when I taught kindergarten and I have a packet that is more appropriate for that grade level. 

Once they read their word, they then sign in on the class dojo board! I love this feature. I mark all the kids absent and they click on their avatar to show green for present!  Then, my attendance is done for me! If you don't use Dojo - you need to look into it!  It is great!

Students then return their books in our library and check out a new book.  They don't do this everyday because some of them are reading chapter books and need them longer.  However, I can check and see who is reading and how much.  I love this!

We use simple solutions for our grammar, so students then complete a mini lesson from the book and we discuss.  This is a nice, quick review!

After grammar, we gather on the rug for either Poetry or Math Mission.  We alternate days because they are both important  but our time is limited. 

My kiddos especially love math mission! I got this idea from Elementary Shenanigans! I LOVE it! We do four math problems each morning to the theme song mission impossible - she calls it math mission.  The song is so motivating and they get it done in that time frame!  You can find all of her resources on her blog.  :]  Then, we do a journal story problem from my math bundle. You can find that in my tpt store. They are great practice and follow the second grade standards!

For poetry, I have aligned the poems with our spelling skill for the week.  I found poems that match most of the skills from Scholastic. Then, I created about 10 poems to match the rest of the skills.  You can find this here.  However, do not expect much because I am not a poet! 

We read the poems and do an activity from my morning poetry pack. The students also take home the folders to practice fluency. They have to read it 10 times a week and get a signature saying they read in order to move up the poet-tree! We are having a poetry race!

Thanks for stopping by!  I would love to hear what you do in the morning! :) 

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